Municipality: Генерал Тошево

General Toshevo municipality is located in North-East Bulgaria in Dobrich District. The Municipality consists of 1 town (General Toshevo) and 41 and villages. The territory of the Municipality is crossed by second-class road Е-29 Varna - Constanza , Romania, 137.7 km of third-class roads, 97.1 km of fourth-class roads; these roads ensure connection to all population centers in the Municipality. Yovkovo border control point, which services the traffic on the border with the Republic of Romania, is located at a distance of 15 km from the municipal center.
The Municipality is environmentally clean region without industrial polluters, with a potential for development of rural tourism. Protected areas in the area of General Toshevo have been declared in the villages of Rossitsa, Loznitsa and Bezhanovo. Dabovik village was the first to start offering hunting tourism. Areas for hunting tourism and fishing have been designated around Dryan Dam Lake, which has been granted under concession, and landscaped facilities for recreation have been built, as well as sports facilities with open-air and closed grounds and equipment.

Quick facts about Municipality General Toshevo
In Bulgarian Aplhabets: Генерал Тошево
Location: North-East Bulgaria
Province: Dobrich District
Area size of General Toshevo municipality: 986km2
Population of General Toshevo municipality: 20143 people
Total Towns and Cities in General Toshevo municipality: 1
Total Villages in General Toshevo municipality: 41
Center of Municipality General Toshevo: Town of General Toshevo
Cities and villages in General Toshevo municipality: Village of Aleksandar Stamboliyski, Village of Balkantsi, Village of Bejanovo, Village of Chernookovo, Village of Dabovik, Town of General Toshevo, Village of Goritsa, Village of Gradini, Village of Izvorovo, Village of Jiten, Village of Kalina, Village of Kardam, Village of Konare, Village of Kraishte, Village of Krasen, Village of Kupinovo, Village of Loznitsa, Village of Lyulyakovo, Village of Malina, Village of Ograjden, Village of Pchelarovo, Village of Petleshkovo, Village of Pisarovo, Village of Plenimir, Village of Preselentsi, Village of Prisad, Village of Ravnets, Village of Rogozina, Village of Rosen, Village of Rositsa, Village of Sirakovo, Village of Snop, Village of Snyagovo, Village of Spasovo, Village of Sredina, Village of Surnino, Village of Uzovo, Village of Vasilevo, Village of Velikovo, Village of Vichovo, Village of Yovkovo, Village of Zograf

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